Customized Lubricant

👍 Factory Size : 3000 m2

👍 Capacity : + 10,000,000 Litre / Annual

👍 Port : Cikarang, Indonesia


Category Calcium Grease
Lithium Grease
Aluminium Grease
Bentonite Grease
Poly Urea Grease
Silicon Grease
Anti-Size Compound
Bentonite Grease
Food-Grade Grease
Biodegradable Oils
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  • Calcium sulfonate complex thickening refined base oil, and adding the antioxidant, structure
  • High performance additives and refined.
  • Excellent high temperature reversible and suitable adhesion.
  • Excellent lubricating properties and anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.
  • Provide effective lubrication, reduce wear to the bearing parts.
  • Excellent anti spray performance, contact with plenty of water consistency



  1. Metallurgical, mining, energy, building materials, petroleum, chemical and other industries
  2. Suitable for steel mill, steel rolling plant, sintering plant of iron and steel industry
  3. Also applied to high temperature lubricating and protection of water and extreme load bearing
  4. Application temperature range : – 25 to 180℃


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