Indonesia Industrial Area

Indonesia – A Giant Leader Industry for the WORLD.

Indonesia has become a New Industrial Country. More essentially, investments are rising and Western companies are discovering Indonesia’s propitious huge potential. The digital economy is growing at lavish speed and is poised to hit USD 130 billion by 2025. A strong industry with a sustainable competitiveness becoming the world-class industry, supported by a strong Industry 4.0 roadmap, a tech-savvy population as well as the revolution of nanotechnology, ICT and biotechnology.

Indonesia also have a very strong manufacturing structure, and a well-distributed industries across Indonesia construct on the supporting system of each region. Here are the gigantic growing list of Industrial Area in Indonesia.

No.Industrial AreaDeveloperLocationLand Area
1Wiraraja Industrial Area PT Wiraraja IndonesiaBatam City, Riau Islands78,00 Ha    
2Bintan Inti Industrial EstatePT. Bintan Inti Industrial EstateDisctrict Bintan, Riau Islands325,00 Ha    
3Batamindo Industrial ParkPT Batamindo Investment CakrawalaBatam City, Riau Islands320,00 Ha    
4Panbil Industrial EstatePT. Nusatama Properta PanbilBatam City, Riau Islands170,00 Ha    
5Bintang Industrial Park IIPT. Bintang PropertindoBatam City, Riau Islands70,00 Ha    
6Latrade Industrial ParkPT. Latrade Batam IndonesiaBatam City, Riau Islands60,00 Ha    
7Puri Industrial Park 2000PT. Teluk Pantaran IndahBatam City, Riau Islands24,00 Ha    
8Tunas Industrial EstatePT. Tritunas Bangun PerkasaBatam City, Riau Islands63,89 Ha    
9Union Industrial ParkPT. Union Batam AbadiBatam City, Riau Islands24,50 Ha    
10Kabil Integrated Industrial ParkPT. Kabil Indonusa EstateBatam City, Riau Islands539,00 Ha    
11West Point Batam Industrial ParkPT. Batam SentralindoBatam City, Riau Islands240,00 Ha    
12Executive Industrial Park IPT. Bumi Abadi Tegar SaktiBatam City, Riau Islands20,83 Ha    
13Executive Industrial Park IIPT. Bumi Abadi Tegar SaktiBatam City, Riau Islands30,90 Ha    
14Sarana Industrial PointPT. Pertama Sarana UnggulanBatam City, Riau Islands12,00 Ha    
15Sekupang Makmur Abadi Industrial Area PT Sekupang Makmur AbadiBatam City, Riau Islands31,73 Ha    
16Cammo Industrial ParkPT. Aaman PropertiBatam City, Riau Islands152,00 Ha    
17Citra Buana Industrial Park IPT. Citra Buana PrakarsaBatam City, Riau Islands10,00 Ha    
18Citra Buana Industrial Park IIPT. Citra Buana Batam IndustriBatam City, Riau Islands10,00 Ha    
19Citra Buana Industrial Park IIIPT. Citra Buana PrakarsaBatam City, Riau Islands20,00 Ha    
20Hijrah Industrial ParkPT Hijrah Karya MandiriBatam City, Riau Islands7,00 Ha    
21Indah Industrial ParkBatam City, Riau Islands16,00 Ha    
22Kara Industrial ParkPT Kara PrimanusaBatam City, Riau Islands13,00 Ha    
23Industrial Area Malindo Cipta PerkasaPT. Malindo Cipta PerkasaBatam City, Riau Islands23,00 Ha    
24Mega Cipta Industrial ParkPT. Mega Cipta Adi PersadaBatam City, Riau Islands5,00 Ha    
25Taiwan International ParkPT. Sigma United InternasionalBatam City, Riau Islands54,00 Ha    
26Bintang Industrial Park IPT. Bintang PropertindoBatam City, Riau Islands6,00 Ha    
27Jakarta Industrial Estate PulogadungPT. Jakarta Industrial Estate PulogadungEast Jakarta, DKI Jakarta500,00 Ha    
28Kawasan Berikat NusantaraPT. Kawasan Berikat NusantaraNorth Jakarta, DKI Jakarta594,70 Ha    
29Terpadu Indonesia China Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia ChinaDisctrict Bekasi, West Java205,00 Ha    
30Bekasi International Industrial EstatePT. Hyundai Inti DevelopmentDisctrict Bekasi, West Java200,00 Ha    
31MM2100 Industrial Town BFIEPT. Bekasi Fajar Industrial EstateDisctrict Bekasi, West Java1.700,00 Ha    
32MM2100 Industrial Town MMIDPT. Megalopolis Manunggal Ind. Dev.Disctrict Bekasi, West Java805,00 Ha    
33Jababeka Industrial Area PT. Jababeka InfrastrukturDisctrict Bekasi, West Java2.267,00 Ha    
34East Jakarta Industrial ParkPT. East Jakarta Industrial ParkDisctrict Bekasi, West Java320,00 Ha    
35Greenland International Industrial Center (GIIC)PT. Puradelta Lestari, TbkDisctrict Bekasi, West Java1.000,00 Ha    
36Lippo Cikarang Industrial Area PT. Lippo Cikarang TbkDisctrict Bekasi, West Java1.645,00 Ha    
37Cibinong Center Industrial EstatePT. Cibinong Center Industrial EstateDisctrict Bogor, West Java102,69 Ha    
38Sentul Industrial Area PT. Bogorindo CemerlangDisctrict Bogor, West Java120,00 Ha    
39Indotaisei Industrial Area PT. Indotaisei Indah DevelopmentDisctrict Karawang, West Java700,00 Ha    
40Kujang Cikampek Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Kujang CikampekDisctrict Karawang, West Java110,00 Ha    
41Mitrakarawang Industrial Area PT. Mitra Karawang JayaDisctrict Karawang, West Java500,00 Ha    
42Karawang International Industrial CityPT. Maligi Permata Industrial EstateDisctrict Karawang, West Java1.347,00 Ha    
43Suryacipta City Of IndustryPT. Suryacipta SwadayaDisctrict Karawang, West Java1.400,00 Ha    
44Mandalapratama Permai Industrial EstatePT. Mandalapratama PermaiDisctrict Karawang, West Java237,50 Ha    
45Podomoro Industrial ParkPT. Alam Makmur IndahDisctrict Karawang, West Java542,00 Ha    
46Artha Industrial Hill Industrial Area PT. Bumi Anugerah MakmurDisctrict Karawang, West Java390,00 Ha    
47GT Tech Park Industrial Area PT. Bintang Puspita DwikaryaDisctrict Karawang, West Java400,00 Ha    
48Karawang New Industry CityPT. CFLD Karawang New Industry City DevelopmentDisctrict Karawang, West Java205,00 Ha    
49Pertiwi Lestari Industrial Area PT. Pertiwi LestariDisctrict Karawang, West Java791,28 Ha    
50Kota Bukit Indah Industrial CityPT. Besland PertiwiDisctrict Purwakarta, West Java1.426,00 Ha    
51Lion Industrial Area PT. Singa Purwakarta JayaDisctrict Purwakarta, West Java50,00 Ha    
52Bumi Aman Sejahtera Industrial Area PT. Bumi Aman SejahteraDisctrict Subang, West Java154,50 Ha    
53Surya Siti Indotama Industrial Area PT. Surya Siti IndotamaDisctrict Subang, West Java94,30 Ha    
54Aneka Bumi Cipta Industrial Area PT. Aneka Bumi CiptaDisctrict Subang, West Java108,70 Ha    
55Jasa Semesta Utama Industrial Area PT. Jasa Semesta UtamaDisctrict Subang, West Java156,70 Ha    
56Rancaekek Industrial Area PT. Dwipapuri AbadiDisctrict Sumedang, West Java200,00 Ha    
57Gobel Industrial Area PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara Bekasi City, West Java54,00 Ha    
58Marunda Center Industrial Area PT. Tegar Primajaya Bekasi City, West Java600,00 Ha    
59Cilacap Industrial Area PD Kawasan Industri CilacapDisctrict Cilacap, Central Java130,00 Ha    
60Jawa Tengah Land Industrial Park SayungPT. Jawa Tengah Lahan AndalanDisctrict Demak, Central Java300,00 Ha    
61Kendal Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri KendalDisctrict Kendal, Central Java994,00 Ha    
62Wijayakusuma Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero) Semarang City, Central Java250,00 Ha    
63Tanjung Emas Export Processing ZonePT. Lamicitra Nusantara Tbk Semarang City, Central Java101,00 Ha    
64BSB Industrial ParkPT. Karyadeka Alam Lestari Semarang City, Central Java112,00 Ha    
65Terboyo Semarang Industrial Area PT. Merdeka Wirastama Semarang City, Central Java300,00 Ha    
66Piyungan Creative Economy Park Industrial Area PT. Yogyakarta Isti ParamaDisctrict Bantul, DI Yogyakarta335,00 Ha    
67Gresik Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri GresikDisctrict Gresik, East Java140,00 Ha    
68Maspion Industrial EstatePT. Maspion Industrial EstateDisctrict Gresik, East Java1.143,00 Ha    
69Java Integrated Industrial and Port EstatePT Berkah Kawasan Manyar SejahteraDisctrict Gresik, East Java2.961,00 Ha    
70Ngoro Industrial ParkPT Intiland SejahteraDisctrict Mojokerto, East Java550,00 Ha    
71Pasuruan Industrial Estate RembangPT. Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (PT. SIER)Disctrict Pasuruan, East Java563,00 Ha    
72Sidoarjo Industrial Estate BerbekPT. Surabaya Industrial EstateDisctrict Sidoarjo, East Java87,00 Ha    
73SiRIE Industrial Area PT Bhumi Kencana SejahteraDisctrict Sidoarjo, East Java105,00 Ha    
74Tuban Industrial Area PT Kawasan Industri GresikDisctrict Tuban, East Java227,00 Ha    
75Safe N Lock Industrial Area PT. Makmur Berkah Ananda Sidoarjo City, East Java147,25 Ha    
76Surabaya Industrial Estate RungkutPT. Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (PT. SIER) Surabaya City, East Java332,00 Ha    
77Nikomas Gemilang Industrial Area PT. Nikomas GemilangDisctrict Serang, Banten200,00 Ha    
78Modern Cikande Industrial EstatePT Modern Industrial EstateDisctrict Serang, Banten3.175,00 Ha    
79Terpadu Industrial Area, MGM CikandePT. Mustika LodanDisctrict Serang, Banten662,00 Ha    
80Millenium Industrial EstatePT Bumi Citra PermaiDisctrict Tangerang, Banten1.800,00 Ha    
81Industrial Area Pasar KemisPT Putera Daya PerkasaDisctrict Tangerang, Banten73,54 Ha    
82Industrial Area & Pergudangan CikupamasPT Mitratangerang BhumimasDisctrict Tangerang, Banten250,00 Ha    
83Industrial Area Purati Kencana AlamPT. Purati Kencana AlamDisctrict Tangerang, Banten70,00 Ha    
84Griya Idola Industrial ParkPT. Jabar Utama Wood IndustryDisctrict Tangerang, Banten99,18 Ha    
85Sumber Rezeki Industrial Area PT. Irama Gemilang LestariDisctrict Tangerang, Banten72,00 Ha    
86Panca Puri Industrial Area PT. Pancapuri Cilegon City, Banten100,00 Ha    
87Krakatau Industrial Estate CilegonPT. Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon Cliegon City, Banten1.030,00 Ha    
88Taman Tekno BSD Industrial Area dan Pergudangan PT Bumi Serpong DamaiSouth Tangerang City, Banten200,00 Ha    
89Medanstar Industrial EstatePT. Tamoratama PrakarsaDisctrict Deli Serdang, North Sumatera105,00 Ha    
90Medan Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Medan (Persero)Disctrict Deli Serdang, North Sumatera960,00 Ha    
91Sei Mangkei Industrial Area PT. KINRADisctrict Simalungun, North Sumatera1.933,80 Ha    
92Ketapang Ecology and Agriculture Forestery Industrial ParkPT. Ketapang Ecology and Agriculture ForesteryDisctrict Ketapang, West Kalimantan97,80 Ha    
93Batu Licin (Aditya Prima Perkasa) Industrial Area PT. Aditya Prima PerkasaDisctrict Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan307,76 Ha    
94Batu Licin (Bumi Cipta Khatulistiwa) Industrial Area PT. Bumi Cipta KhatulistiwaDisctrict Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan361,94 Ha    
95Batu Licin (Tumbuh Sejahtera Bersama) Industrial Area PT. Tumbuh Sejahtera BersamaDisctrict Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan362,56 Ha    
96Batu Licin (Wana Cipta Sejahtera) Industrial Area PT. Wana Cipta SejahteraDisctrict Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan366,59 Ha    
97Kariangau Industrial Area Perusda Melati Bhakti Satya Balikpapan City, Kalimantan Timur300,00 Ha    
98Kaltim Industrial EstatePT. Kaltim Industrial Estate Bontang City, Kalimantan Timur346,00 Ha    
99Morowali Industrial Area PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial ParkDisctrict Morowali, Sulawesi Tengah2.000,00 Ha    
100Palu Industrial Area PT Bangun Palu Sulteng Palu City, Sulawesi Tengah1.500,00 Ha    
101Batu Licin (Selaras Cipta Lestari) Industrial Area PT. Selaras Cipta LestariDisctrict Tanah Bumbu, Sulawesi Selatan331,48 Ha    
102Makasar Industrial Area PT. KIMA Makassar City, Sulawesi Selatan332,00 Ha    
103Padang Industrial ParkPT. Padang Industrial Park Padang City, Sumatera Barat616,00 Ha    
104Tanjung Buton Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Tanjung ButonDisctrict Siak, Riau600,00 Ha    
105Dumai Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Dumai Dumai City, Riau1.731,00 Ha    
106Tenayan Industrial Area PT. Sarana Pembangunan Pekanbaru Pekanbaru City, Riau256,00 Ha    
107Lampung Industrial Area PT. Kawasan Industri Lampung Bandar Lampung City, Lampung126,00 Ha    
108Sadai Industrial Area PT. Resin Bangka AbadiDisctrict Bangka selatan, Bangka Belitung Islands400,00 Ha 

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