End Poverty and Protect Mother Earth

By exploring the practical challenges of the environmental burden from the poverty, pollution, population growth, and global plastic waste issue, we need to transform the way we do business.

The soul of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations forces to end poverty and protecting our mother earth.

Looking at the overall definitions and objectives of sustainability when every conscious citizen from manufacturer to consumer are tend to have a different perspective on what should be in the focus for sustainability. Some of them say fewer carbon emissions or more recyclability, more circularity and the list of course goes on.

At INDORIVER, sustainability play big role in our Global Business. Partnering with governments and non-governmental organizations to support income opportunities for people who come into contact with our supply chains – wherever they are in Indonesia. We are devoted in our sustainable practices transparency from Raw Materials, Production, Logistics, Manufacturer, Consumers, until disposal process. Our mission is to make the Global Movement in Indonesia’s Manufacturer to deliver the sustainability goods. We are committed to support the transformation for innovative products and technologies that improve quality of life for people and communities in Indonesia, while also protecting the future of our Mother Earth.  

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